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Documentation for translating Showtime
by Andreas Öman, Project Leader
Translations are stored in the lang/ directory in Showtime's root.
The language files are in UTF-8 format. The name of the language files
are not relevant except that they must end with '.lang'
The language files starts with a few header lines:
language: Swedish
native: Svenska
maintainer: Andreas Öman <>
'language' should be the English name of the language
'native' should be the language's name in it's own language
'maintainer' if the language is activly maintained by someone, this should
be the maintainers email address
Each entry to be translated then starts with a line prefixed with
'id:' and the actual translation is prefixed with 'msg:'. Each entry
must be on a single line (ie, no entries on multiple lines in the
file). To insert line breaks, use '\n'.
Creating a new translation
If you want to translate Showtime to a new language there are two
options. Either copy an already existing file and give it a new name
and start editing that one. This is probably easiest. The other
alternative is to run the update_lang script (see below) with a
non-existing file as second argument.
If you want to try out your new translation you can upload it to
Showtime via its built in HTTP server. To upload and use
'lang/foo.lang' do like this:
curl --data-binary @lang/foo.lan
This will just overwrite the currently loaded translation with the one
supplied. Ie. nothing is installed and no persistent configuration is
To make the language file available as a configurable option you have
to restart Showtime for it to index the available languages. If the
Showtime is built with embedded resources (either in release mode or
for consoles) you need to recompile the package.
To include the translation in the official distribution either mail to
to me ( or make a pull request from your own
fork of Showtime on github.
Updating language files with new entries
To update language files with new entries from Showtime's source code, do:
support/ <filename>
support/ lang/sv_SV.lang
or if you want to update all files
support/ lang/*.lang
This will import the translated strings from the original language
file and generate a new language file that replacese the older
one. This means that if a user have moved around statements in the
file they will be reordered again by the script.
If the file does not exist it will be created and all translations
will be empty. This can be used to begin a new translation of Showtime
without having to copy an existing one.
Q: There are no support for plural forms
A: There is currently no need for that.
As soon as need arise I will implement it.
Q: How about language support for plugins?
A: Will be fixed in the future.
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