ratos is a shell that decodes iPhone Xcode stack traces using atos and written in Ruby
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ratos is a shell front end to atos written in Ruby for iPhone development. Simply cut and past full stack traces to ratos, type 'arm' or 'sim' and ratos uses atos to decode the addresses into a nice symbolized stack trace.

atos is a tool from apple that converts numeric addresses to symbols of binary images or processes. atos integrates nicely into xcode for OSX development. However, when doing iPhone, atos can not be tightly integrated into your application is there is no /usr/bin/atos on the iPhone.


git clone git://github.com/face/ratos.git  
sudo cp ratos/bin/ratos /usr/local/bin/.

# csh
setenv RATOS_APP_PATH ~/proj/TheSnapper

# or bash
export RATOS_APP_PATH=~/proj/TheSnapper


If your application name is different than your directory name, then you may additionally set RATOS_APP_NAME:

# csh
setenv RATOS_APP_PATH ~/proj/IttyBooksFree
setenv RATOS_APP_NAME IttyBooks
# or bash
export RATOS_APP_PATH=~/proj/IttyBooksFree
export RATOS_APP_NAME=IttyBooks


For a more complete example and documentation, please see myutil.com

Copyright © 2008 Meme Inc. Released under the BSD license found in the file LICENSE