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Goto Definition

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  • Support for JavaScript(ES6 && JSX), TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Hack, Perl, KRL, Erb, Haml, C/C++, Puppet, ASP, Shell
  • Works with Mac OSX, Linux and Windows
  • Goto-Definition functionality, by default on Alt+Cmd+Enter/Ctrl+Alt+Enter
  • Support hyperclick, <cmd-click> on a word to jump to it's declaration


Install the package goto-definition in Atom (Preferences->Install) or use Atom's package manager from a shell:

$ apm install goto-definition

Performance Mode

Performance mode is 10x faster than nomal mode. If you want a better experience, please use the performance mode.


  1. Install ripgrep, see Yeap, now we use ripgrep to search definitions, because it's incredibly fast.
  2. Turn Settings -> Packages -> goto-definition -> Settings -> Performance Mode on.
  3. Enjoy it.

Please note that performance mode is still under testing, suggestions and feedback are welcome. Performance mode will be activated by default in the next version once it has been tested extensively.

Ignoring files

You can ignore files while in performace mode by creating a .ignore file in the root of your project. Same syntax than .gitignore.


  • In normal mode, if you want to include VCS ignored paths, please uncheck Settings -> Exclude VCS Ignored Paths option under package preferences.