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# Facebook C# SDK
The Facebook C# SDK helps .Net developers build web, desktop, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Windows 8 Store applications that integrate with Facebook.

[Like us on Facebook at our official page]( or [Follow us on twitter @chsarpsdk](

## NuGet

    Install-Package Facebook

*Binaries for Facebook C# SDK are only distributed via nuget. For those using older versions of Visual Studio that
does not support NuGet Package Manager, please download the [command line version of NuGet.exe]( and run the following

    nuget install Facebook
If you would like to get an older version of the the binaries please use the following command.

    nuget install Facebook -v 5.4.1
## Documentation
You can find the documentation for this project at [](

## Help and Support
Use []( for help and support. We answer questions there regularly. Use the tags '[facebook-c#-sdk](' and '[facebook](' plus any other tags that are relevant. If you have a feature request or bug create an issue.

[Facebook Platform Status](

[Facebook Change Log](

## Features
* NuGet Packages Available ([Facebook]( and [](
* Compatible with all Facebook Graph and REST API methods.
* Supports photo/video uploads
* Supports batch requests and etags
* Supports Facebook's most current authentication systems.
* Sample applications and documentation are provided to get you started quickly.

## Supported Platforms
* .NET 3.5 (Client Profile and Full Profile)
* .NET 4.0 (Client Profile and Full Profile)
* .NET 4.5
* Windows 8 Store Apps
* Silverlight 5
* Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango)
## Contribute

Please refer to our official docs on [Contributing to Facebook C# SDK]( for more details.
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