Starter kit samples for Carmel, the WebVR enabled browser.
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Carmel WebVR Starter kit Samples

Samples used to demonstrate how to get started with WebVR on Carmel.

Running Samples

First, run npm install to get the npm dependencies used for hosting the samples locally.

Run npm start to start a local http server on port 8000.

You can navigate to, http://:8000/index.html, to access the samples on a Gear VR enabled mobile device.

The top category of links will launch each sample into the Carmel Technical Preview.

The bottom category of links can be used to launch each sample directly in your browser if the sample supports rendering monoscopically.

Oculus WebVR Documentation


We generally accept feedback through issues. For more information on contributions please see in the root directory of this source tree.

License Information

Copyright 2016-present, Oculus VR, LLC. All rights reserved.

This source code is licensed under the license found in the LICENSE-examples file in the root directory of this source tree.