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Would be great if this would follow PSR-0 folder/namespace structure.


when you clone it you get FBMock/Mock.php which defines FBMock_Mock, which seems spiritually compatible to me.

We don't use namespace syntax at FB and we wanted to avoid having to do source transformations as part of our release to github; that would suck in terms of releasing code and taking contributions back.

with that in mind, what specifically would you suggest that we change to improve PSR-0 compatibility?


@wez Using Namespaces or not, PSR-0 defines that "_" represent folders. It was designed for old code with no namespaces as well. So then you would get a FBMock folder with a Mock.php file and etc..

Its just organizational, helps with autoload but Composer already takes care of that.


Sure, that would be redundant in some cases.

However, I believe that it is best to have the library repository comply to PSR-0 out-of-the-box. Rather than having those who care (a lot of devs) install the library in their applications and explicitly make sure it complies to PSR-0.

@elynde let me know if this is a standard FBMock wants to comply to, and i'll file a pull request for it.


So we would basically just move all of the code into a folder called FBMock?


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So the core team ignores the issue and a bot assigns it to "closed" ... sounds legit.

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