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CPE Chef

In this directory, you can find chef cookbooks and other chef related tools.

Quick Start

If you want to check out what the CPE suite of chef cookbooks can do, it is easy to get started.

First, download and install the chef client:

Open terminal and clone the IT-CPE repo to a path of your choosing. In this example, we'll clone it to /Users/Shared

git clone /Users/Shared/IT-CPE

Now, cd into the cookbooks directory within the repo

cd /Users/Shared/IT-CPE/chef/cookbooks

Using your favorite text editor, open /Users/Shared/IT-CPE/chef/cookbooks/cpe_init/recipes/company_init.rb and find/replace MYCOMPANY with the name of your company.

Save and close the above file and do a local chef run in terminal:

cd /Users/Shared/IT-CPE/chef
sudo chef-client -z -j quickstart.json

Thats it! If you check profiles in system preferences, you'll see that there are some profiles installed that were dynamically generated. Note that the profiles are using the name of your company in the UI.

Tweak a few things

Lets customize a few things and see what happens.

Open /Users/Shared/IT-CPE/chef/cookbooks/cpe_init/recipes/company_init.rb in your favorite text editor.

Add the following line to the bottom of the file:

node.default['cpe_screensaver']['idleTime'] = 300
# Ask before using flash plugin in Safari
node.default['cpe_safari']['ManagedPlugInPolicies'] = {
  'com.macromedia.Flash Player.plugin' => {
    'PlugInFirstVisitPolicy' => 'PlugInPolicyAsk'
# Add a launchd that echos nothing
node.default['cpe_launchd']['doesnothing'] = {
  'program_arguments' => ['echo', 'nothing'],
  'run_at_load' => true,

Because cpe_launchd uses the prefix set in company_init.rb, we do not need to specify a full reverse domain name. cpe_launchd is smart enought to build the correct reverse domain name for the LaunchDaemon.

In terminal, cd to /Users/Shared/IT-CPE/chef/cookbooks, do a local chef run:

cd /Users/Shared/IT-CPE/chef
sudo chef-client -z -j quickstart.json

Check Profiles again in system preferences. You will have 2 more profiles with the settings specified above. Also check /Library/LaunchDaemons, you should see a new one called com.MYCOMPANY.chef.doesnothing.plist. (Or whatever you changed MYCOMPANY to.)