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cpe_choco Cookbook

Installs base apps through chocolatey and configures chocolatey to your environment.


This community cookbook:



When setting up features in your chocolatey configuration be careful when using the setExplicitly field. If set it to false then whenever choco.exe is invoked it will override your settings and cause the template resource that interpolates the configuration to behave in a non-idempotent manner.


To add a source to the chocolatey configuration, merge a hash into node['cpe_choco']['sources'] with the feed name as the primary key, followed by a hash that lists the source and disabled:

node.default['cpe_choco']['sources']['bacon'] =
  'source' => '',

This will append bacon to the chocolatey config and so it can be used:

PS C:\> choco sources
bacon - | Priority 0.

To enable a feature in chocolatey, you can merge a hash into the node['cpe_choco']['features'] attribute of the form:

  'My Awesome Feature' => { # <-- feature name
    'enabled' => true, # <-- true/false
    'setExplicitly' => true, # <-- true/false (see Notes above)
    'description' => 'Word up', # <-- a description of the feature


node.default['cpe_choco']['features']['nooOp'] = {
  'enabled' => false,
  'setExplicitly' => true,
  'description' => 'I do not do a thing!',
node.default['cpe_choco']['features']['regretnothing'] = {
  'enabled' => true,
  'setExplicitly' => true,
  'description' => 'I REGRET NOTHING!!',
PS C:\> choco features
nooOp - [Disabled] | I do not do a thing!
regretnothing - [Enabled] | I REGRET NOTHING!!

Chocolatey, of course, must actually support the features you are enabling.

Some sources might be declared to be unsafe by systems administrators. To blacklist a source, append a string with the source's URL to the list:

node.default['cpe_choco']['source_blacklist'] << ''

When chef converges it will go through the blacklist and remove offending entries before rendering the template to disk:

[2016-06-28T17:05:27-07:00] WARN: [your_recipe_name]: is
blacklisted, removing.


  1. Make sure the unit tests pass.
  2. Add new tests for new features.
  3. Submit PR!