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Rapid is a modern web-based editor for OpenStreetMap. Rapid integrates advanced mapping tools, authoritative geospatial open data, and cutting-edge technology to empower mappers at all levels to get started quickly, making accurate and fresh edits to maps.

Rapid also includes data integrity checks to ensure that new map edits are consistent and accurate. To learn about all the enhanced features Rapid provides, please check out our Changelog and training document.

Start mapping


We're available to chat! Ping us on the #rapid_feedback channel on either:

For developers

Folders under dist/examples/ contain example code to help you learn how to integrate Rapid editor into your project.


Request Type Instructions
🌎 Country Data To request Rapid data for other countries, please submit a new issue.
🌟 Features To request new features in Rapid to enhance your map editing workflow, please submit a new issue.
🛣️ Roads Please refer to this list of Available Countries. If you would like to request roads for a new country, please create an issue here in this Rapid repo (not in other repos). We track all the requests and our progress on this page.


Rapid is available under the ISC License. See the file for more details.