Native code loader for Android
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SoLoader is a native code loader for Android. It takes care of unpacking your native libraries and recursively loads dependencies on platforms that don't support that out of the box.


SoLoader can be included in any Android application.

Including SoLoader in your apps

You can use prebuilt aars or fetch SoLoader from Maven repository by adding the following to your build.gradle file:

compile 'com.facebook.soloader:soloader:0.1.0+'

Building from source

To build SoLoader from source you'll need Buck. Once you have Buck installed execute following commands from the project root directory:

  buck fetch //...
  buck build :soloader

The build command generates buck-out/gen/soloader.aar file.

Join our community

Please use our issues page to let us know of any problems. See the CONTRIBUTING file for how to help out.


SoLoader is Apache-2.0-licensed.