Able to send Multiple HTTP Requests but unable to get response of those HTTP request on TCP socket created #85

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I want to send an HTTP request to HTTP server and then after getting successful response I want to upgrade connection to upgrade if the response is bad in previous request I do not want to upgrade the connection. The scenario is as
1.Open TCP socket
3.If the response is 202, we will send a HTTP request to upgrade the connection to web socket
4. The response code expected is 101(Response phrase-SWITCHING PROTOCOLS)
but the response obtained is null.

I've observe the traces on Wireshark on server and client side. THe server is sending 101/Switching Protocols and on i-Mac the response is 101 on wireshark but in simulator it is not 101 it is 200 with response null.

Please help


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mikelikespie Jul 24, 2015


Please elaborate.


mikelikespie commented Jul 24, 2015

Please elaborate.

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