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"react-scripts build" gives webpack error: "Chunk.entrypoints: Use Chunks.addGroup instead" #4356

ejfrancis opened this Issue Apr 24, 2018 · 2 comments


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ejfrancis commented Apr 24, 2018

Is this a bug report?


Did you try recovering your dependencies?



  1. node -v: 8.2.1
  2. npm -v: 5.6.0
  3. yarn --version (if you use Yarn):
  4. npm ls react-scripts (if you haven’t ejected):

Then, specify:

  1. Operating system: macOS 10.13.4
  2. Browser and version (if relevant):

Steps to Reproduce

(Write your steps here:)

  1. Create repo with older version of react-scripts ~1.0.17
  2. Update react-scripts to 1.1.4
  3. Run react-scripts-build

Expected Behavior

Build works.

Actual Behavior

The following error output occurs when running react-scripts build:

> react-scripts build

Creating an optimized production build...
                throw new Error("Chunk.entrypoints: Use Chunks.addGroup instead");

Error: Chunk.entrypoints: Use Chunks.addGroup instead
    at Chunk.set (/Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui/node_modules/webpack/lib/Chunk.js:533:9)
    at /Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui/node_modules/extract-text-webpack-plugin/dist/index.js:176:40
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at Compilation.<anonymous> (/Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui/node_modules/extract-text-webpack-plugin/dist/index.js:171:18)
    at Compilation.applyPluginsAsyncSeries (/Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui/node_modules/react-scripts/node_modules/tapable/lib/Tapable.js:206:13)
    at Compilation.seal (/Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui/node_modules/react-scripts/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compilation.js:605:8)
    at applyPluginsParallel.err (/Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui/node_modules/react-scripts/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compiler.js:508:17)
    at /Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui/node_modules/react-scripts/node_modules/tapable/lib/Tapable.js:289:11
    at _addModuleChain (/Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui/node_modules/react-scripts/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compilation.js:507:11)
    at processModuleDependencies.err (/Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui/node_modules/react-scripts/node_modules/webpack/lib/Compilation.js:477:14)
    at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:131:7)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:180:9)

Looking at the dependency tree, react-scripts 1.1.3 depends on extract-text-webpack-plugin@3.0.2, see my output of npm ls extract-text-webpack-plugin

SDGL141befbb9:myapp-ui myuser$ npm list extract-text-webpack-plugin
myapp-ui@0.1.0 /Users/myuser/devel/MyTeam/myapp-ui
└─┬ react-scripts@1.1.4
  └── extract-text-webpack-plugin@3.0.2

In extract-text-plugin on this line we see it accessing chunk.entrypoints (Chunk coming from import Chunk from 'webpack/lib/Chunk';). But if we look at webpack we can see that on this line it throws an error if you try to access chunk.entrypoints.


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Timer commented Apr 24, 2018

This sounds like a npm bug, if you rm -rf node_modules and reinstall does it fix this problem?


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halfmatthalfcat commented May 5, 2018

Looks related to webpack-contrib/extract-text-webpack-plugin#701.

Running npm install -D extract-text-webpack-plugin@next solved the issue locally for me.

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