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Issues: facebook/docusaurus

[2.0] RFC: Road to 2.0
#6113 opened Dec 16, 2021 by slorber
Open 7
Migration to ES Modules
#6520 opened Jan 31, 2022 by Josh-Cena
Open 15
New issue

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Issues list

Upgrade to DS alpha.21 breaks SSR builds with useDocsVersion error bug status: needs more information
#7686 opened Jun 27, 2022 by markerikson
4 of 7 tasks
New "Glossary" page documentation
#7670 opened Jun 24, 2022 by Josh-Cena
2 tasks done
a11y: light & dark mode checkbox doesn't announce state switches bug domain: a11y
#7667 opened Jun 23, 2022 by JoshuaKGoldberg
7 tasks done
Add a pagination config option for docs. feature
#7661 opened Jun 22, 2022 by homotechsual
2 tasks done
trailingSlash has no effect on URLs on blog feeds bug status: accepting pr
#7656 opened Jun 22, 2022 by ilarischeinin
6 of 7 tasks
Navbar Word Wrap on Small Screens bug domain: theme
#7635 opened Jun 16, 2022 by RudraSen2
6 of 7 tasks
Usage of cutting-edge :where selector broken in old browsers bug
#7617 opened Jun 14, 2022 by guyskk
3 of 7 tasks
Weird lag when switching tabs with a lot of content in Chrome bug status: needs more information
#7612 opened Jun 14, 2022 by Josh-Cena
6 of 7 tasks
Discrepancy between dev and prod build behavior (TypeError: class constructors must be invoked with 'new') bug
#7606 opened Jun 12, 2022 by devalbo
6 of 7 tasks
DocCards showing a category which has an associated doc should show that doc's description (used in generated-index) bug
#7598 opened Jun 11, 2022 by andrewnicols
6 of 7 tasks
Allow CSS to target layout of a single page (for docs, blog, pages) feature
#7592 opened Jun 10, 2022 by armano2
1 of 2 tasks
Add an Option of Showing Flags in Locale dropdown domain: theme feature
#7566 opened Jun 5, 2022 by massoudmaboudi
1 of 2 tasks
Making navbar width consistent with the main layout on large displays better engineering domain: theme status: accepting pr
#7562 opened Jun 4, 2022 by jetxr
1 of 2 tasks
RFC: change Docusaurus admonition warning color from red to yellow better engineering
#7558 opened Jun 3, 2022 by slorber
1 of 2 tasks
Allow to use the showReadingTime in standard docs feature
#7544 opened Jun 1, 2022 by wgruszczyk
Allow a single docs folder to be consumed by 2 docs plugin instances (use-case: normal vs embed/iframe docs) proposal
#7480 opened May 24, 2022 by alexandernst
6 of 7 tasks
GFM like admonitions/callouts domain: markdown feature
#7471 opened May 23, 2022 by antonk52
1 of 2 tasks
Poor stack traces in SSR bug domain: dx
#7456 opened May 20, 2022 by Josh-Cena
1 of 2 tasks
[2.0] RFC: Node support, browser support proposal
#7455 opened May 20, 2022 by Josh-Cena
2 tasks done
Mobile Version Language Toggle should show current locale domain: theme feature
#7404 opened May 12, 2022 by massoudmaboudi
6 of 7 tasks
Allow linking to versioned docs from footer and page feature
#7402 opened May 11, 2022 by lorenzolewis
6 of 7 tasks
Move from Lerna to alternative toolset (like Nx) better engineering domain: dependencies meta status: needs more information
#7333 opened May 5, 2022 by seyoon20087
2 tasks done
Fork, or copy&paste used react-dev-utils modules into core domain: dependencies proposal
#7289 opened May 3, 2022 by Josh-Cena
2 tasks done
Migrate to React 18 domain: dependencies proposal
#7264 opened Apr 29, 2022 by Josh-Cena
1 of 2 tasks
Docusaurus bundle size heavily impacted by number of routes & source path length better engineering domain: performance
#7256 opened Apr 28, 2022 by NEnochK
2 of 7 tasks
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