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0.11.7 (Aug 13th, 2020)


  • Allow aria-describedby overriding (Jeff Dickey in 8b8b9c0)
  • Add support to create editor state using text string (Abhishek Pandya in fc9395f)


  • Update readme to suggest building with yarn (#2527) (Kevin Chavez in 54213a1)
  • Update build, static analysis deps (+ upgrade to fbjs 2.0.0) (#2541) (Kevin Chavez in 5e92a32)
  • Tex example: Update babel to v7 + other deps (#2533) (Kevin Chavez in ce94ecf)
  • Update package.json (#2490) (Michaël De Boey in b79082f)
  • Update media.html (#2452) (fay in a8f44b1)
  • Upgrade dependencies in playground example (#2534) (Kevin Chavez in f6bf4ed)
  • feat(docs): Update (#2523) (Darsh Shah in e0fc33e)
  • adds highlight in docs (#2469) (Tunde Thomas in cef6191)
  • Update (#2491) (Michaël De Boey in 170fe23)
  • Update .travis.yml (#2495) (Michaël De Boey in 3eb391e)
  • Update link to Record in docs (#2418) (Rounak Agarwal in 6a55c38)
  • Update link to Immutable Map in docs (#2530) (Rounak Agarwal in 31dde91)
  • Upgrade browserify and babel deps in universal example (#2532) (Kevin Chavez in 1c8815a)
  • Upgrade eslint, flow, jest (#2531) (Kevin Chavez in ccd0470)
  • Fix the build by adding an argument to catch statement (Kevin Chavez in 5482c90)
  • Conditionally invokes URI.tryParseURI in OSS code (Claudio Procida in 36de6f1)
  • formatPastedText prop (Laura González in 9a9ccbd)
  • fix pasting invalid links (Frank Thompson in 862a5b2)
  • chore(dependabot): adds examples directories separately (#2505) (Claudio Procida in fb0eb34)
  • style(website): Removes desaturation (#2504) (Claudio Procida in 2b8edb1)
  • Fixes links accessibility by adding underlines (#2497) (R Nabors in 5e17cc2)
  • add codes to suppressions in www (Daniel Sainati in 8457ebb)
  • update comments in mobile to support error codes (Daniel Sainati in fb728fd)
  • Use object shorthand in DraftEditorCompositionHandler (Kevin Chavez in d949433)
  • Force the selection when composition is resolved (#2094) (Robbert Brak in 3be4d37)
  • fix(security): Upgrades Docusaurus to address CVE-2020-7662 (#2457) (Claudio Procida in a08a8fa)