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Add "labeled start times" to logger, plus a few other changes.

Address @mmarucheck's comments from D481502.

- Add notion of labeled start times to the logger.
- Removed log state from the places where we were doing perf logging.
- Improved session state transition spew.
- Factored @clang's debugger output for use with transition spew.

Test Plan: Tested against apps for seeing perf characteristics.

Reviewers: mmarucheck, jacl, clang

Reviewed By: mmarucheck

CC: msdkexp@, yariv

Differential Revision:
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1 parent 79d254e commit c54e91d8a4bca3c02936212a0a6aa95f6047aed8 @gregschechter gregschechter committed May 31, 2012
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