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Commits on Feb 25, 2012
  1. @onebit

    Adds frictionless apprequest support

    onebit authored
    Here are the mods to the sdk:
    1. adds four methods to the Facebook class, for use by applications
      * enableFrictionlessRequests
      * reloadFrictionlessRecipientCache
      * isFrictionlessEnabledForRecipient
      * isFrictionlessEnabledForRecipients
    2. extends dialog method and support class to support frictionless behavior for “apprequest” dialogs
    3. extends Hacbook sample to add frictionless app-request support
    * enableFrictionlessRequests method of FBFrictionless turns on frictionless apprequest behavior in the SDK
    * frictionless apprequest behavior means
      a.) a cache of allowed frictionless recipients is maintained
      b.) cache checked by dialog, and dialog is invisible for frictionless recipients
      c.) send responses are checked and recipient list is updated
      d.) logout and login cause clear and refetch of cache respectively
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