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Commits on Aug 21, 2012
  1. Adds the version header to source and the project

    Jason Clark committed
    This change makes the code usable outside of the project
    out of the box, and with proper reporting.
    Test Plan: We have to ship once to test this (not really, but almost)
    Reviewers: mmarucheck, clang
    Reviewed By: mmarucheck
    CC: msdkexp@
    Differential Revision:
Commits on Jun 7, 2012
  1. @clang13

    [ios-sdk] Add automated versioning support to SDK.

    clang13 committed
    Adds a pre-build Run Script step to the Xcode project to auto-generate an
    FBSDKVersion-generated.h header file which contains a #define for a version string
    to append to the UserAgent header of FBRequestConnection requests.
    This version number is based on the output of the 'git describe' command, or "Unknown"
    if no version number could be determined. Since major/minor versions are tagged in git,
    if the project is being built from a tagged commit, this will contain just the tag name
    (i.e., version number). If the framework is being built from a commit on a repo other than
    a tagged one, it will additionally contain the number of commits since the tag and the commit
    hash. This can be used by the PHP logging code to determine whether a request is from a
    "production" build or from one under development.
    Example of the version for a tagged commit: v3.0.0b (signifying a beta build)
    Example for a development commit: v3.0.0-144-g4daaf0c (144 commits since a production release)
    Test Plan:
    - Built the project cleanly both from Xcode and via the build script.
    - Verified that both unit tests and sample apps were sending a UserAgent based on the commit.
    Reviewers: jacl, mmarucheck, gregschechte
    Reviewed By: gregschechte
    CC: yariv
    Differential Revision:
    Task ID: 1111425
Commits on May 8, 2012
  1. @onebit

    Introduces unit testing mode for FBSession

    onebit committed
    Adds a unit testing mode to FBSession, along with a supporting script to configure a
    system for unit testing. The workflow is:
    * run scripts/ APP_ID APP_SECRET
    * open the facebook-ios-sdk project
    * use command-U to run unit tests
    In addition to this new workflow for SDK developers, the addition of the static
    sessionForUnitTestingWithPermissions to FBSession, allows users to write their own
    logic and application unit tests, and use to
    establish a unit testing routine for their projects, which does not encourage the
    hard-coding of application secrets in git repos.
    Test Plan: Unit test introduced, run, etc.
    Reviewers: mmarucheck, vijaye, clang
    CC: gregschechte, platform-diffs@lists, yariv
    Differential Revision:
    Task ID: 898462
Commits on Mar 23, 2012
  1. @vijaye

    Rename sample -> samples

    vijaye committed
    Differential Revision:
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
  1. @onebit

    Adds frictionless apprequest support

    onebit committed
    Here are the mods to the sdk:
    1. adds four methods to the Facebook class, for use by applications
      * enableFrictionlessRequests
      * reloadFrictionlessRecipientCache
      * isFrictionlessEnabledForRecipient
      * isFrictionlessEnabledForRecipients
    2. extends dialog method and support class to support frictionless behavior for “apprequest” dialogs
    3. extends Hacbook sample to add frictionless app-request support
    * enableFrictionlessRequests method of FBFrictionless turns on frictionless apprequest behavior in the SDK
    * frictionless apprequest behavior means
      a.) a cache of allowed frictionless recipients is maintained
      b.) cache checked by dialog, and dialog is invisible for frictionless recipients
      c.) send responses are checked and recipient list is updated
      d.) logout and login cause clear and refetch of cache respectively
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. Provide developers script they can use to get a static library versio…

    Christine Abernathy committed
    …n of the
    iOS SDK
    For developers who are building apps with Automatic Reference Counting
    enabled using our current iOS SDK will produce errors. One solution is to
    provide a static library version of our SDK that they can include in their
    project. We could provide detailed documentation to do this but it is easier to
    provide a script that they can run. This diff introduces this script. We
    considered actually packaging the desired library with the SDK but that would
    involve a process change on our end because the current SDK development flow
    does not include building a library. So for now we will push this on the
    developer and perhaps in the future look at a more streamlined way to provide
    this library to the developer.
    Additionally, needed to make sure deployment target was set to iOS 3 for the
    Test Plan:
    In terms of testing the script just run it a few times from various initial
    locations, e.g.
    % sh
    Also run it twice to see the output library properly overwritten
    Once the library was produced, tested it worked well by doing the following
    Scenario 1: Use the library with an app that does not have ARC enabled
    1/ Built a simple app with Facebook SSO and a news feed dialog
    2/ Tested SSO works and that the dialog UI has all the relevant resources and
    Scenario 2: Use the library with an app with ARC enabled
    1/ Built a simple app with Facebook SSO and a news feed dialog. (When creating
    this app, made sure ARC was turned on)
    2/ Tested SSO works and that the dialog UI has all the relevant resources and
    Scenario 3: Switch out the Facebook SDK in the Hackbook sample app with this
    1/ Removed the FBConnect folder from the Hackbook sample app
    2/ Dragged in the new library, chose to copy the contents over
    3/ Ran the app and went through all the flows. Note: Found some cases that do
    not work that also appear to be broken in the current app, namely video upload,
    and recent check-ins listing. These can be addressed separately.
    Reviewers: yariv, jacl
    Reviewed By: jacl
    CC: mmarucheck, vijaye, selekman, brent
    Differential Revision:
    Revert Plan: OK
Commits on Feb 8, 2012
  1. @onebit

    Fixes breaking change introduced by (e79d072)

    onebit committed
    The problem is that e79d072 fixes odd behavior in Hackbook,
    which had support in the SDK code’s logout function. Prior to e79d072
    Hackbook was more convoluted, and the logout behavior broke
    encapsulation. The solution is to put back a deprecated logout method that
    matches the original signature, and keeps most of the original behavior
    (though it does not break encapsulation, which was badness.)
    Test Plan:
    Manually modify Hackbook, and whitebox test each of the following
    * login with no delegate (call the cached delegate)
    * login with a delegate matching the cached delegate (call the cached delegate)
    * login with a delegate different from the cached delegate (call both)
    Reviewers: yariv, caabernathy, mmarucheck, vijaye
    Reviewed By: yariv
    Differential Revision:
    Task ID: 905137
Commits on Oct 13, 2011
  1. Update ignore file, delete files that should be ignored. Fix warning …

    Christine Abernathy committed
    …in UITableViewCell selectionStyle assignment
Commits on May 17, 2011
  1. @yariv

    Add the 'localAppId' param to [Facebook authorize]

    yariv committed
    This is the SDK diff to support the local_client_id URL parameter that we added
    to the FB app. I named it 'localAppId' to be consistent with the 'appId'
    parameter to the same function.
    Test Plan:
    bound the demo app to 'fb1234foo' and passed 'foo' as the localAppId value.
    verified the SDK used the 'fbauth2' url scheme to open the fb app and that the
    fb app successfully redirected back to the demo app.
    Reviewed By: brent
    Reviewers: lshepard, atishm, brent, oyamauchi, jimbru
    CC: brent
    Differential Revision: 211201
Commits on Nov 5, 2010
  1. iOS single sign on

    Yariv Sadan committed
    This diff implements single sign-on for iOS.
    Test Plan:
    DiffCamp Revision: 179082
    Reviewed By: brent
    CC: brent, arice, yariv
    Revert Plan:
Commits on Sep 20, 2010
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