Fix warnings: UIDeviceOrientation, prototype func. #401

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This fixes a couple warnings:

  1. Use UIInterfaceOrientation instead of UIDeviceOrientation



Was about to fix this and submit a pull request myself. Please merge this one. thanks.


Thanks for submitting an improvement to the SDK. With the recent release of the 3.0 SDK, we are closing older pull requests, in order to get our list down to a number that we are able to evaluate on a regular basis. If you would like to have your pull request considered in light of the new features of the SDK, please resubmit it. Thanks again for your contribution!

@onebit onebit closed this Aug 15, 2012
@mhooge mhooge pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Nov 7, 2013
@mattdipasquale mattdipasquale Fix semantic warnings in iOS5 and Xcode 4.2
Summary: Pulled from #401

Test Plan:
1/ Ran on iPhone 4 device with iOS 5, Hackbook iOS app, launched feed dialog,
rotate all orientations and check works as expected. Also rotated device before
launching dialog and rotating dialog to see it performed well.
2/ Ran experiment (1) with iPhone 4.3 simulator.
3/ Ran experiment (1) with iPad 4.3 simulator.
4/ Ran experiment (1) with iPad 5.0 simulator.

Reviewers: yariv, brent

Reviewed By: yariv

CC: lshepard, yariv

Differential Revision: 354600

Revert Plan: OK

Task ID: 673148
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