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I've spent the time to add OSX support to the iOS SDK. The code opens the facebook login screen in a sheet attached to the main window of the application. Numerous types have been typedef'ed to allow for use in iOS and OSX, such as NSWindow is FBWindow as well as UIWindow. This is handled in a separate TypeDefs.h header file. Take a look. Let me know if you need addt'l changes. Thanks.


onebit commented Apr 12, 2012

@davidbitton, OSX support is on our radar, and your work here will be helpful to us when we are prepared to take on the effort. At this time we are not ready for the support impact of full OSX capability.

Meanwhile, this is great to see and may be helpful to others in the community right now. Have you considered introducing a fork?

I think I need to tighten this up a bit. It would be great if you could bifurcate the code so I won't have to use so many #if ... #endif to jump out the UIKit code. Then a fork totally makes sense.


onebit commented Apr 12, 2012

Its a good suggestion. It may take us a while to break-out the UX code a bit more cleanly, but we have changes planned where that would naturally fit. It may be a bit, however, before we get to those changes. Is that work a blocker for getting to a fork, or more of an additional improvement for the fork?

well, the code is already forked, right? anyway, it would be an improvement because the request/response code would be UIKit/AppKit clean. In fact, it could stand on it's own w/o the UI bits.


onebit commented Apr 13, 2012

Yes -- agree completely. Thinking about this some more, if the work involved in tightening it up is significant at all, you may want to wait to do the work until after our next major feature checkin -- which shouldn't be too far out. This way you won't have to churn again after putting in the effort. We will do our best to break things out a bit more, per your suggestions. For now we should close the pull request -- though I look forward to seeing the code resurface down the road. Thanks!!

onebit closed this Apr 13, 2012

Agreed. Thanks for the consideration.

noahsw commented Sep 16, 2012

Please add OSX support to the SDK!

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