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Upgraded to SBJson 3.1.1 #481

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Considering the frequent conflicts with Facebook-iOS-SDK's SBJson and other libraries, and given the rise of CocoaPods, we should consider upgrading Facebook-iOS-SDK's internal SBJson to a modern version (or using JSONKit).

In this pull request, I've upgraded SBJson from v2.2.3 to v3.1.1 for Facebook-iOS-SDK v3.0.7.

Facebook-iOS-SDK in CocoaPods
See #296, #338, #419, #431, #438, #443, #455, #467, #471 for previous discussions on the issue.

pj4533 commented Aug 24, 2012


Related, this bug with conflicting JSONs has hit me, and few others. Details here:

Not sure if your pull request would fix it, but I am gonna try it and see.

pj4533 commented Aug 24, 2012

btw, just verified that this pull request fixes the bug I mentioned above.

aporat commented Aug 29, 2012



SBJson 3.1.1 uses ARC while Facebook-iOS-SDK 3.0.7 is non-ARC. @facebook, if this is a reason you're reluctant to merge in, use SBJson 3.0.x instead.

jonkean commented May 2, 2013

This is obsolete and request should be closed

@kylefleming kylefleming closed this May 2, 2013
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