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Scrumptious sample

Scrumptious demonstrates a "real-world" (albeit very limited) application that integrates with Facebook.
It allows a user to select from a small pre-defined list of cuisine types that they are eating, then
tag friends who they are with, tag the restaurant they are in, and upload a photo (or take a new one)
showing their meal. Scrumptious then allows them to post an Open Graph Action to their Timeline which will
display the picture as well as the tagged friends and location.

The example demonstrates login/logout behavior, use of the FBFriendPickerViewController and FBPlacePickerViewController,
uploading photos to Facebook, as well as the use of Open Graph objects and actions. While the functionality
is quite constrained in order to be of reasonable size for a sample, the Facebook integration could serve as the
basis for more full-featured applications.

If using Scrumptious as the basis for another application, please note that all of the Open Graph namespaces will need
to be updated, and a hosted service must be provided in order to serve up Open Graph Objects. In addition, the logged-in
user will need to be a Developer or a Tester on the application until it is approved for posting Open Graph Actions.

Build Requirements
iOS 4.0 SDK

Runtime Requirements
iPhone OS 4.0 or later

Using the Sample
Install the Facebook SDK for iOS.
Launch the Scrumptious project using Xcode from the <Facebook SDK>/samples/Scrumptious directory.

Changes from Previous Versions
1.0 - First release.

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