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Joseph Wu and facebook-github-bot Deprecate AclRange
Since we've never actually used AclRange feature in our production, we decided to deprecate this field process qualifier to make room for DstClassL3.

In this diff, I removed all those AclRange logic and make sure to use the real l4DstPort and l4SrcPort directly.

However, as Alex pointed out, wedge_agent should still support PortRange from config in case that coop change hasn't been rolled out completely. So this diff will remove AclRange from BCM side, and for the ApplyThriftConfig, we still accept acl passing port range struct, but we will convert it into using exact match on SW side.

Differential Revision: D14254466

fbshipit-source-id: 5a10ad4e3fedbbf05ec5dee704b48439e1a986a3
Latest commit 89d5449 Mar 25, 2019
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bcm_wrapper/code_gen Fix contbuild failures for wedge_agent_latest Nov 27, 2017
lib Add assorted missing includes Mar 7, 2019
mdio add BroadcomMdio implementation Jul 30, 2018
pcap_distribution_service Update includes of folly/Logging.h Apr 27, 2018
qsfp_service give transceivers time to handle low power set Mar 14, 2019
system_tests Fix fbosssystsmetests lists Mar 16, 2019
util Fixed -set_low_power flag in wedge_qsfp_util Mar 20, 2019
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