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This part of the site is for those interested in how Flipper works 'under the hood'.

'Under the Hood' contains the following topics:

In addition, 'Under the Hood' contains a wide range of internal-only topics (see the NavBar's 'Internal'), such as:

  • Contributing to the Documentation - contains tips and guidelines on how to create effective documentation that will be valued by your target reader.
  • Data Pipelines - information on Deep Dive, Flipper Analytics, Scribe, Error Logging, plus a series of links relating to architecture, Static Docs, and code Pointers.
  • Launcher - details of hacking on Launcher and the LauncherConfig.
  • Releases - information on the Flipper release cycle, the release infrastructure @ Meta, and Flipper fbsource pinning.
  • Sandcastle - provides an overview of Continuous Intergration-related topics, including: basic terminology, frameworks, commands, and how to overcome specific issues.
  • Support - details of alerts, adding a Support group, and the Oncall Runbook.
  • Much more - have a look at the what's available by exploring the 'Under the Hood' section of the NavBar.