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@gabelevi gabelevi released this Oct 7, 2015

New Features:

  • New default error message format shows the code inline (thanks @frantic!)
  • Autocomplete will keep trying even if the file fails to parse
  • You can configure which file extensions Flow looks for (thanks @eyyub!)
  • Support for negative number literal types.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Incremental make on OSX now works when lib/ files change
  • Fixed some issues around const destructuring
  • Fixed some issues around destructuring in for-of and for-in loops
  • Some emacs plugin fixes
  • Object spreads are now handled in the correct order
  • Generator return() and throw() methods are now supported
  • Object types now allow keywords as the object keys (thanks @samwgoldman!)
  • importing & exporting default using named specifiers is now supported
  • Flow now understands this in class static methods and this.constructor in class instance methods (thanks @popham!)
  • Fixed bug with array spreads
  • Understand that all classes have a static name property


  • Improved flow find-module
  • More error location improvements
  • Object can now be called as a function to cast things to objects
  • We've tried to standardize the error codes with which Flow exits. Some exit codes have changed, but the ones you probably use should be the same. At the moment they're only documented in the code
  • Flow understands the value of a negated number literal
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