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@jeffmo jeffmo released this 20 Feb 17:08

Likely to cause new Flow errors:

  • Several updates to Flow's understanding of React's APIs. Some of these updates remove old/deprecated React APIs.

New features:

  • Flow now gives precedence to library definitions over non-@flow implementation files. This means that it should no longer be necessary to specify a node_modules dependency in the [ignore] section of your .flowconfig if you have a library definition defined for that dependency.
  • Significant improvements to Promise.all: We now preserve the type of each item in the array passed to Promise.all() so that it may be propagated through to the resulting .then() handler.
  • We no longer try to parse files that are not marked with an @flow pragma. We anticipate this will improve performance for projects with large, non-Flow node_modules directories.
  • Classes with static members are now subtype-compatible with structural object types
  • It is now possible to specify a leading | or & for type aliases of long unions/intersections. This is useful, as one example, for disjoint unions with a large number of members (where each member sits on a new line):
type MyDisjointUnion =
  | {type: 'TypeOne', ...}
  | {type: 'TypeTwo', ...}
  | {type: 'TypeThree', ...}

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where an intersection of two object types did not always properly combine to match objects with members on both sides (#1327)
  • Fixed an issue where an object of some intersection type could not be used with the spread operator (#1329)
  • Fixed an issue where refinement-testing on an object of an intersection type wouldn't always work (#1366)
  • Fixed an issue where an intersection of function types with a common return type should type check against function types with union of param types
  • Fixed an issue where refining obj['abc'] didn't behave quite the same as refining
  • Fixed an issue where usage of flow get-def on the left-hand side of a require() wouldn't hop through the require() and to the actual location of the definition
  • Fixed an issue where Flow would not give a clear error when trying to use import type to get a non-type export
  • Fixed an issue flow dump-types --json was not as robust as it could be against outputting valid JSON in the event of certain kinds of errors
  • Fixed an issue where Flow would not give a parse error if multiple ES exports with the same name are exported from a single ES module
  • declare class declarations now properly define a built-in name property (like real class declarations do)