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@flow-bot flow-bot released this Feb 23, 2017

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fixed an edge case when moving .flow files around in a haste project
  • Fixed bug which allowed you to add extra properties to exact objects
  • Fixed pretty printing of methods in type-at-pos and gen-flow-files
  • Fixed the @jsx pragma support's handling of trimming whitespace and filtering empty children. It now matches the behavior of the babel transform
  • Fixed some merge_strict_job exceptions
  • Fixed bug where Flow would ask for annotations in the object passed to React.createClass() even when they were not needed.
  • Fix so now you can use this and super in class method parameter defaults.
  • Optimization around union types


  • Fixed a bug where line comments in certain positions were parsed as block comments


  • Lots of updates to the builtin flow libs! Many thanks to all our contributors!
  • Some tweaks to error messages to make them easier to understand.
  • We are NOT removing weak mode in this release. See the discussion on #3316
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