@flow-bot flow-bot released this Jun 13, 2017

New Features:

  • Experimental support for "lazy" typechecking. On large codebases, the Flow
    server will start up faster when using the --lazy flag with flow start or
    flow server, by only computing dependency information and not doing any
    typechecking. Instead, as files are touched, they are typechecked
    incrementally along with files that depend on them (and their
    dependencies). Relatedly, running flow focus-check on a file will only check
    that file and files that depend on it (and their dependencies).

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash in flow.org/try when using JSX (which was a regression in 0.46)


  • Libdef updates! Thanks everyone for the contributions!
  • Removed the libelf dependency from Flow. This helps a few systems, like the
    standard node docker, that doesn't have libelf available.
  • Removed the strip_root .flowconfig option, since it doesn't make sense as a
    project-specific option and complicated IDE integration. Clients (including
    IDEs) can still use the --strip-root CLI flag as needed.
  • Improvements to handling of Object.prototype
  • Improvements to handling promotion of primitives to objects
  • Lots of refactoring to improve stability of commands and the typechecker