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@facebook-github-bot facebook-github-bot released this 21 Jul 21:42

New Features:

  • Added support for opaque type aliases
  • Added library definitions for the Node.js repl module (thanks @zacharygolba!)

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fixed library definitions for the Node.js cluster module (thanks @Corei13!)
  • Fixed the return type of EventEmitter#setMaxListeners (thanks @ahutchings!)
  • Added missing properties in the Node.js fs module (thanks @ahutchings and @rgbkrk!)
  • Fixed the length property on $ReadOnlyArray to be covariant (thanks @popham!)


  • Improved error handling in our test runner
  • Fixed type error in our docs (thanks @stenehall!)
  • Fixed broken link in docs (thanks @vasyan!)
  • Fixed misleading typo in docs (thanks @joelochlann!)


  • Fixed end locations of various statement nodes to include terminal rparen
  • Added separate DeclareTypeAlias and DeclareInterface AST nodes, matching Babel
  • Fixed locations of declared vars, classes, and functions in declare export stmts