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Likely to cause new Flow errors:

  • Flow now only allows subtyping polymorphic types with the same number of type parameters. This added strictness lets Flow avoid some slow typing code and shouldn't cause too many problems.

New Features:

  • New [silence] section in the .flowconfig which can suppress all errors in 1 or more files. Thanks @LegNeato! (#4916)
  • Added flow server --file-watcher watchman flag which uses Watchman for file watching instead of the builtin file-watcher, dfind
  • Added a --expand-type-aliases flag to type-at-pos. It replaces type aliases with their bodies in the returned type.
  • Added flow save-state command to generate a saved state file (experimental & loading a saved state isn't ready yet)

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fixed type-at-pos for B in import type { A as B } from 'M';
  • Fixed find-refs, autocomplete, get-def, etc for $Facebookism$Idx


  • Bunch of improvements to the libdefs. Thanks everyone for the PRs!
  • Handful of improvements to the type normalizer, which improves the type-at-pos output
  • Tweaked error messages for + operator to match other binary operators