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Likely to cause new Flow errors:

  • New errors may arise from generic definitions which lack the necessary annotations. Flow does not infer generic types, and the types it used to infer in their place occasionally masked errors. The types it now infers are still not generic, but will mask fewer errors.
  • Fixed bug in union type checking which caused Flow to miss some errors when used in conjunction with generics and certain utility types.
  • Improvements to constraints involving any may result in new errors.

New Features:

  • type-at-pos can reconstruct spread objects when evaluation of the spread is not possible.
  • type-at-pos now supports implicit instantiation with _.
  • Added core types $ReadOnlyMap, $ReadOnlyWeakMap, $ReadOnlySet, and $ReadOnlyWeakSet. These types and their mutable counterparts mostly follow the pattern of $ReadOnlyArray and Array: the read-only parent class provides non-mutating methods, and the usual mutable class extends it. Unlike $ReadOnlyArray, the new types are invariant in their type parameters.
  • Added the React.StrictMode type.
  • Added the flowtest package. flowtest is a CLI tool for running tests on Flow types.
  • Added the sharedmemory.heap_size option.

Notable bug fixes:

  • Restructured file signatures to support overloading in exports.
  • Allow named exports in exact module.exports objects.
  • Fixed forward references for declare function.
  • Various bug fixes to the type normalizer and to type-at-pos.
  • flow suggest no longer outputs <<anonymous class>>.
  • Imported symbols should no longer appear Remote in type-at-pos.


  • Improved formatting in JavaScript output.
  • Improved the way the element type of an array is determined.
  • Various improvements to the AST differ.
  • WeakMap keys must now be objects.
  • Improved profiling for error collation and formatting.
  • When a union lower bound flows into a union upper bound, if both unions are enums, we use the underlying set representation to handle this in O(n log n) time instead of quadratic time.
  • The type normalizer properly represents utility types instead of treating them as generics.
  • The type normalizer provides more accurate information about generics.
  • Flowing a string lower bound into a union upper bound occurs in O(log n) instead of O(n) when the union is an enum.
  • CJS modules' namespace objects are now treated as covariant.
  • The type normalizer reconstructs literal types more precisely when preserve_inferred_literal_types is set. This does not change the behavior of type-at-pos.
  • Deleted the experimental.cancelable_rechecks option.


  • Removed the deprecated expression field from Function nodes in the AST.
  • Enabled some tail call optimizations in flow_parser.js which should cause it to stack overflow in fewer cases.
  • The layout generator no longer prints empty statements as {} instead of ; in pretty mode.
  • Allow anonymous function parameter types inside generics inside arrow function return types. For example, we disallow var x = (): (string) => number => 123 because the first => is ambiguous. However, var x = (): T<(string) => number> => 123 is not ambiguous and we no longer disallow it.