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@facebook-github-bot facebook-github-bot released this Apr 26, 2019 · 117 commits to master since this release

Likely to cause new Flow errors:

  • Infer void before typechecking starts for functions without a return statement, lessening the impact of a union typechecking bug (#7322).
  • Fix a bug which prevented Flow from asking for required type annotations.
  • Turn the deprecated-utility lint on by default.
  • Two related changes to type refinements to fix unsoundness:
    • mixed refined to an array produces a read-only array.
    • mixed refined to an object produces a read-only object.

New Features:

  • Add the ability to exclude paths included by a previous pattern in a .flowconfig (#7317).

Notable bug fixes:

  • Fix a bug that led IDEs to report all code as uncovered (#7654).
  • Fix the untyped-import lint rule so that export [type] * from triggers it.
  • Flow now recognizes refinements against negative number literals.


  • Exclude deprecated-utility and dynamic-export lints when applying all=setting rules (#7473).
  • Improve client/server version mismatch behavior so that the newest of the two is preserved, rather than the client version.
  • Preserve exactness of the input type when using $ObjMap or $ObjMapi (#7642).
  • Minor changes to metadata in the results of flow type-at-pos --json.
  • Batch DidOpen notifications from the IDE in order to make checking in IDE lazy mode more efficient.
  • When flow lsp automatically starts a server, it prefers the lazy mode set in a .flowconfig to the lazy mode passed on the CLI.
  • Allow lints to be explicitly set to their defaults (normally redundant lint settings are disallowed).
  • Fix spurious missing annotation errors when the this type is used incorrectly.
  • Fix a bug that made React.Element behave differently than React$Element.
  • Fix an edge case where object property assignments were typechecked incorrectly (#7618).
  • Fix an unsoundness with addition or logical operators when combined with generics (#6671, #7070).
  • Fix an issue which allowed read-only arrays to be written to if the index was of type any.
  • Fix a bug which stymied typechecking after try/catch blocks (#7530).


  • Add document.elementsFromPoint() (#7540).
  • Add ConstantSourceNode (#7543).
  • Remove React.Suspense maxDuration attribute (#7613).
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