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  • Added support for React 16


  • No meaningful changes.


  • No meaningful changes.


  • Dispatcher: Methods register and unregister can once again be called in the middle of a dispatch.


  • FluxMapStore: Removed. It added very little value over FluxReduceStore.
  • FluxContainer: Subscriptions are setup in constructor rather than componentDidMount
  • FluxContainer: Can create containers using stateless functional components
  • FluxContainer: Uses functional version of setState
  • FluxMixin: Subscriptions are setup in componentWillMount rather than componentDidMount
  • Dispatcher: Methods register and unregister can not be called in the middle of a dispatch
  • React added as peer dependency to flux/utils
  • Package dist/FluxUtils.js alongside dist/Flux.js

Note: This is marked as a breaking change due to the large number of small changes in FluxContainer. Depending on how coupled code is to the timing of componentWillMount, componentDidMount, or setting state synchronously it is possible that there may be some breakages. Generally it should not be an issue.


  • Publish dist/ on npm


  • Add flux-utils which include four main base classes: Store, ReduceStore, MapStore, Container
  • Add flux-utils example and documentation
  • Upgrade build script
  • Publish a minified version of Flux in dist/
  • Add flow types to Dispatcher