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fix Benchmark docs

Summary: fix Benchmark docs

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@@ -184,12 +184,12 @@ measurements in any way.
Sometimes benchmarking code must to some preparation work that is
physically inside the benchmark function, but should not take part to
its time budget. To temporarily suspend the benchmark, use the
-pseudo-statement `SUSPEND_BENCHMARK` as follows:
+pseudo-statement `BENCHMARK_SUSPEND` as follows:
``` Cpp
BENCHMARK(insertBackVector, n) {
vector<int> v;
FOR_EACH_RANGE (i, 0, n) {
@@ -201,11 +201,11 @@ pseudo-statement `SUSPEND_BENCHMARK` as follows:
The preallocation effected with `v.reserve(n)` will not count toward
the total run time of the benchmark.
-Only the main thread should call `SUSPEND_BENCHMARK` (and of course it
+Only the main thread should call `BENCHMARK_SUSPEND` (and of course it
should not call it while other threads are doing actual work). This is
because the timer is application-global.
-If the scope introduced by `SUSPEND_BENCHMARK` is not desired, you may
+If the scope introduced by `BENCHMARK_SUSPEND` is not desired, you may
want to "manually" use the `BenchmarkSuspender` type. Constructing
such an object suspends time measurement, and destroying it resumes
the measurement. If you want to resume time measurement before the

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