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Fix clang narrowing error in GroupVarintTables

The __m128i type is a pair of 64-bit signed ints and the values
generated in overflow this range, which
causes clang to complain.

Test Plan:
Built and ran unittests.  Also verified that the GroupVarintTable.o
data section was identical with and w/o this change.

Reviewed By:

FB internal diff: D494645
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1 parent ff884b6 commit 2ec852705e5b65f11d8f4488ba22f89ae4246062 @andrewjcg andrewjcg committed with tudor Jun 14, 2012
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3 folly/build/
@@ -73,7 +73,8 @@ def generate(f):
# 0xff: set corresponding byte in result to 0
for k in range(d, 4):
vals[j] |= 0xff << (8 * k)
- f.write(" {{0x{1:08x}{0:08x}LL, 0x{3:08x}{2:08x}LL}},\n".format(*vals))
+ f.write(" {{static_cast<int64_t>(0x{1:08x}{0:08x}), "
+ "static_cast<int64_t>(0x{3:08x}{2:08x})}},\n".format(*vals))

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