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Aug 02, 2012

  1. Make AtomicHashMap support move constructible types

    Summary: modified AtomicHashArray and AtomicHashMap to support move constructible types
    Test Plan: tested with fbcode/folly/test/AtomicHashArrayTest.cpp and fbcode/folly/test/AtomicHashMapTest.cpp
    Reviewed By:
    FB internal diff: D527270
    Wei Wu authored jdelong committed

Jul 13, 2012

  1. Philip Pronin

    fix memory order in AtomicHashMap<>::findInternal()

    Looks like a typo, it should obviously be std::memory_order_relaxed (all
    necessary synchronization is done on numMapsAllocated_).
    Test Plan: compiled it, ran tests
    Reviewed By:
    FB internal diff: D515322
    philippv authored tudor committed

Jun 02, 2012

  1. jdelong

    Pull from FB rev 63ce89e

    jdelong authored
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