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make install incomplete? Had to copy a few headers manually #4

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From the double conversion library into the /usr/local/include/folly folder: double-conversion.h utils.h
Also /usr/local/include/folly/Preprocessor.h was missing, I copied it there from the source directory.

(also, the README suggests that the LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS variables should be altered in the terminal session, but that didn't work for me, so I copied the lines into the file right after the "checks for header files" comment)

I'm on OpenSuse 12.1 64bit, gcc 4.7. Might be a local problem from my side.


We currently don't test/build on OpenSuse, so its not surprising that there are some issues. I'll look to get an install of this working shortly.

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@Gownta Gownta referenced this issue from a commit
Jim Meyering folly: futexWaitUntilImpl: avoid abort triggered via tao/queues tests
* folly/test/DeterministicSchedule.cpp (folly): Tao/queues tests exposed
an unhandled case in this code: when (futex->data == expected) happens,
we would call futexErrnoToFutexResult with a futexErrno value of 0,
which would cause an abort (unhandled valued in switch).
Here's a stack trace from the abort:
showing the invalid futexErrno value in frame #4.

Test Plan:
fbconfig -r --platform-all=gcc-4.8.1-glibc-2.17 --sanitize=address tao/queues:TimeoutWorkQueueTests
_bin/tao/queues/WorkQueueTests -fbunit_test_regexp '^mt\_stress\_deterministic$'

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FB internal diff: D1404572

Tasks: 4494871
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