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Patches from the following Apache Jira issues have been applied
to this release in the order indicated. This is in addition to
the patches applied from issues referenced in CHANGES.txt.

Release 0.20.3 + FB - Unreleased.
    MAPREDUCE-2524 Backport trunk heuristics for failing maps when we get fetch
                    failures retrieving map output during shuffle
    MAPREDUCE-2349 speedup getSplits methods in inputformats.
    MAPREDUCE-2218 schedule additional tasks when killactions are dispatched
    MAPREDUCE-2162 handle stddev > mean
    MAPREDUCE-2141 Add an "extra data" field to Task for use by Mesos
    MAPREDUCE-2118 optimize getJobSetupAndCleanupTasks (by removing global lock - r9768)
    MAPREDUCE-2157 taskLauncher threads in TT can die because of unexpected interrupts
    MAPREDUCE-2116 optimize GetTasksToKill
    MAPREDUCE-2114 finer grained locking for getCounters implementation
    MAPREDUCE-2100 log split information for map task
    MAPREDUCE-2085 job submissions to a tracker with different filesystem fails
    MAPREDUCE-2062 speculative execution is too aggressive
    MAPREDUCE-2047/2048. performance improvements in heartbeat processing
    HDFS-1109. Fix url encoding with HFTP protocol
    HDFS-1250. Namenode accepts block report from dead datanodes

    MAPREDUCE-1442. Fixing JobHistory regular expression parsing
    MAPREDUCE-1873. Add a metrics instrumentation class to collect
                    metrics about fair share scheduler
    HDFS-1140 Speedup INode.getPathComponents
    HDFS-1110 Namenode heap optimization
    HADOOP-5124 A few optimizations to FsNamesystem#RecentInvalidateSets
    HDFS-1295 Improve namenode restart times by short-circuiting
                    the first block reports from datanodes
    HADOOP-6904 A baby step towards inter-version communications between
                    dfs client and NameNode
    HDFS-1335 HDFS side of HADOOP-6904: first step towards inter-version
                    communications between dfs client and NameNode.
    HDFS-1348 Improve NameNode reponsiveness while it is checking if
                    datanode decommissions are complete
    HDFS-946 NameNode should not return full path name when listing
                    a directory or getting the status of a file.
    MAPREDUCE-1463 Reducer should start faster for smaller jobs
    HDFS-985 HDFS should issue multiple RPCs for listing a large
    HDFS-1368 Add a block counter to DatanodeDescriptor
    MAPREDUCE-2046 CombineFileInputFormat should not create splits larger than
                    the specified maxSplitSize.
    HDFS-202 Add a bulk FIleSystem.getFileBlockLocations
    HADOOP-6870/6890/6900 Add FileSystem#listLocatedStatus to list a
                    directory's content together with each file's block
    MAPREDUCE-2021 CombineFileInputFormat returns
                    duplicate hostnames in split locations.
    HDFS-173 Recursively deleting a directory with millions of files
                    makes NameNode unresponsive for other commands until the
                    deletion completes
    HDFS-278 Add timeout to DFSOutputStream.close()
    HDFS-1391 Reduce the time needed to exit safemode.
    MAPREDUCE-1981 Improve getSplits performance by using listLocatedStatus,
                    the new FileSystem API
    HDFS-96 integer overflow for blocks > 2GB (DFS client)
    HADOOP-6975 integer overflow for blocks > 2GB (S3 client)
    MAPREDUCE-1597 CombinefileInputformat does not work with non-splittable
    HDFS-1429 Make lease expiration limit configurable
    HADOOP-6974 Configurable header buffer size for Hadoop HTTP server
    HDFS-1436 Lease renew RPC does not need to grab fsnamesytem write
    MAPREDUCE-2099 Purge Outdated RAID parity HARs.
    MAPREDUCE-2108 Allow TaskScheduler manage number slots on TaskTrackers
                    (Here we use an alternative approach. We make TT read the
                     number of CPUs and change number of slots.)
    MAPREDUCE-2110 add getArchiveIndex to HarFileSystem
    MAPREDUCE-2111 make getPathInHar public in HarFileSystem
    MAPREDUCE-961 ResourceAwareLoadManager to dynamically decide new tasks
                    based on current CPU/memory load on TaskTracker(s)
    HDFS-1432 HDFS across data centers: HighTide
    MAPREDUCE-2124 Add job counters for measuring time spent in three
                    different phases in reducers
    MAPREDUCE-1819 RaidNode is now smarter in submitting RAID jobs.
    MAPREDUCE-1894 Fixed a bug in DistributedRaidFileSystem.readFully() that
                    was causing it to loop infinitely.

    MAPREDUCE-1838 Reduce the time needed for raiding a bunch of files
                    by randomly assigning files to map tasks.
    MAPREDUCE-1670 RAID policies should not scan their own destination path.
    MAPREDUCE-1668 RaidNode Hars a directory only if all its parity files
                    have been created.
    MAPREDUCE-2029 DistributedRaidFileSystem removes itself from FileSystem
                    cache when it is closed.
    MAPREDUCE-1816 HAR files used for RAID parity-bite have configurable
                    partfile size.
    MAPREDUCE-1908 DistributedRaidFileSystem now handles ChecksumException
    MAPREDUCE-1783 Task Initialization should be delayed till when a job can
                    be run.
    MAPREDUCE-2142 Refactor RaidNode to remove map reduce dependency.
    HDFS-1463 accessTime updates should not occur in safeMode
    HDFS-1435 Provide an option to store fsimage compressed
    MAPREDUCE-2143 HarFileSystem should be able to handle spaces in its path.
    HDFS-222 Support for concatenating of files into a single file.
    MAPREDUCE-2150 RaidNode should periodically fix corrupt blocks
    MAPREDUCE-2155 RaidNode should optionally dispatch map reduce jobs to fix
                    corrupt blocks (instead of fixing locally)
    MAPREDUCE-2156 Raid-aware FSCK
    HDFS-903 NN should verify images and edit los on startup
    MAPREDUCE-1892 RaidNode can allow layered policies more efficiently.
    HDFS-1458 Improve checkpoint performance by avoiding unncessary
                    image downloads & loading.
    HDFS-1031 Enhance the webUi to list a few of the corrupted files
                    in HDFS
    HDFS-1472 Refactor DFSck to allow programmatic access to output
    HDFS-1111 Iterative listCorruptFilesBlocks() returns all corrupt
    HADOOP-7023 Add listCorruptFileBlocks to FileSystem.
    HDFS-1482 Add listCorruptFileBlocks to DistributedFileSystem.
    MAPREDUCE-2146 Raid does not affect access time of a source file.
    HDFS-1457 Limit transmission rate when transfering image between
                    primary and secondary NNs
    MAPREDUCE-2167 Faster directory traversal for RAID.
    MAPREDUCE-2185 Infinite loop at creating splits using
    MAPREDUCE-2189 RAID Parallel traversal needs to synchronize stats
    HDFS-1476 Configurable threshold for initializing replication queues
                    (before leaving safe mode).
    HADOOP-7047 RPC client gets stuck
    HADOOP-7013 Add field is Corrupt to BlockLocation.
    HDFS-1483 Populate BlockLocation.isCorrupt in
    HDFS-1458 Improve checkpoint performance by avoiding unnecessary
                    image downloads.
    HADOOP-7001 Allow run-time configuration of configured nodes.
    HADOOP-7049 Fixed TestReconfiguration.
    MAPREDUCE-1752 HarFileSystem.getFileBlockLocations()
    HDFS-1524 Image loader should make sure to read every byte in
                    image file
    HDFS-1526 Dfs client name for a map/reduce task should have some
    HADOOP-7060 A more elegant FileSystem#listCorruptFileBlocks API
    HDFS-1533 A more elegant FileSystem#listCorruptFileBlocks API
    MAPREDUCE-2215 A more elegant FileSystem#listCorruptFileBlocks API
    HDFS-1477 Make NameNode Reconfigurable.
    MAPREDUCE-2198 Allow FairScheduler to control the number of slots on each
    HDFS-1537 Add a metrics for tracking the number of reported
                    corrupt replicas
    HDFS-1536 Improve HDFS WebUI
    HDFS-1540 Make Datanode handle errors from namenode.register call elegantly
    HADOOP-6148 Implement a pure Java CRC32 calculator
    HADOOP-6166 Improve PureJavaCrc32
    MAPREDUCE-782 Use PureJavaCrc32 in mapreduce spills
    HDFS-1550 NPE when listing a file with no lcoation
    HDFS-1553 Hftp file read should retry a different datanode if the
                    chosen best datanode fails to connect to NameNode
    HDFS-1558 Optimize startFileInternal to do less calls to FSDir
    HDFS-1508 Ability to do savenamespace without being in safemode
    MAPREDUCE-2239 BlockPlacementPolicyRaid should call getBlockLocations
                    only when necessary
    HDFS-1539 Prevent data loss when a cluster suffers a power loss
    MAPREDUCE-2240 DistBlockFixer could sleep indefinitely.
    HADOOP-4885 Do not try to restore failed replicas of Name Node storage (at checkpoint time)
    HDFS-1541 Not marking datanodes dead When namenode in safemode
    HADOOP-7088 JMX Bean that exposes version and build information
    HADOOP-6609 UTF8 Fixed deadlock in RPC by replacing shared static
                    DataOutputBuffer in the UTF8 class with a thread local variable.
    MAPREDUCE-2245 Failure metrics for block fixer.
    HADOOP-6904 A baby step towards inter-version RPC communications.
    HDFS-1335 HDFS side of HADOOP-6904.
    MAPREDUCE-2263 MAP/REDUCE side of HADOOP-6904.
    HDFS-1509 Resync discarded directories in during saveNamespace command
    MAPREDUCE-2275 RaidNode should monitor violations of block placement
    MAPREDUCE-2248 DistributedRaidFileSystem unraids only the corrupt block.
    HDFS-1578 First step towards data transter protocol compatibility:
                    a new RPC for fetching data transfer protocol version
    MAPREDUCE-1818 Generalize dist raid scheduler options.
    MAPREDUCE-2274 Generalize block fixer scheduler options.
    MAPREDUCE-2279 Improper byte -> int conversion in DistributedRaidFileSystem
    HDFS-1577 Fall back to a random datanode when bestNode fails.
    MAPREDUCE-2292 Provide a shell interface for querying the status of FairScheduler
    MAPREDUCE-2267 RAID code can now read blocks streams in parallel.
    MAPREDUCE-2302 Add static factory methods in GaloisField
    HDFS-270 Datanode upgrade should process in parallel.
    MAPREDUCE-2312 Better error handling in RaidShell.
    MAPREDUCE-2313 Raid code closes open streams.
    HDFS-1601 Pipeline ACKs are sent as lots of tiny TCP packets.
    HDFS-1443 Batch the calls in DataStorage to FileUtil.createHardLink()
    HADOOP-6833 IPC leaks call parameters when exceptions thrown.
    HDFS-1622 Update TestDFSUpgradeFromImage to test batch hardlink improvement.
    HDFS-1614 Provide an option to saveNamespace to save namespace uncompressed.
    MAPREDUCE-2320 RAID DistBlockFixer should limit pending jobs.
    HDFS-1627 Fix NPE in SNN.
    MAPREDUCE-2329 RAID BlockFixer should excluded tmp files.
    MAPREDUCE-2347 RAID blockfixer should check file blocks after the file is
    HADOOP-7159 RPC server should log the client hostname when read
                    exception happened
    MAPREDUCE-2352 RAID blockfixer can use a heuristic to find unfixable
    MAPREDUCE-2368 RAID DFS should handle zero-length files.
    HADOOP-7165 ListLocatedStatus(path, filter) is not redefined in FilterFs
    HDFS-1764 Add 'Time Since Declared Dead' to namenode dead datanodes
                    web page.
    HDFS-1766 Datanode is marked dead, but datanode process is alive and
                    verifying blocks.
    HDFS-1775 FSNamesystem.readLock should be held while doing getContentSummary
    HDFS-1776 Bug in concat code.
    HDFS-1780 Make saving the fsimage on startup configurable
    HDFS-1446 Refactor the start-time Directory Tree and Replicas Map
                    constructors to share data and run volume-parallel
    HDFS-1796 Switch NameNode to use non-fair locks.
    MAPREDUCE-2257 distcp can now copy file by chunks
    HDFS-1172 Blocks in newly completed files are considered under
                    replicated too quickly
    HDFS-1803 Display progress of the fsimage loading
    HDFS-1506 Refactor fsimage loading code
    HDFS-1070 Speedup namenode image loading and saving by storing
                    only local file names
    MAPREDUCE-2436 RAID block fixer should prioritize block fix operations
    HDFS-1765 Block Replication should respect under-replication
                    block priority.
    MAPREDUCE-2442 ADD a JSP page for RaidNode
    MAPREDUCE-2185 CombineFileInputFormat should handle missing blocks
    HDFS-1767 Namenode should ignore non-initial block reports from
                    datanodes when in safemode during startup
    HDFS-1826 NameNode should save image to name directories in parallel
                    during upgrade
    HDFS-78 Eliminate redundant searches in namespace directory tree
    HDFS-1846 Don't fill preallocated portion of edits log with 0x00
    MAPREDUCE-2570 Use the correct filesystem when creating temporary file in
                    RAID FS.
    MAPREDUCE-2577 Improved Raid FS skip() performance.
    HDFS-1667 Consider redesign of block report processing
    HDFS-955 Fix Edits log/Save FSImage bugs
    HADOOP-6683 the first optimization: ZlibCompressor does not fully utilize the buffer
    HADOOP-7111 Several TFile tests failing when native libraries are present
    HADOOP-7444 Add Checksum API to verify and calculate checksums "in bulk" (todd)
    HADOOP-7443 Add CRC32C as another DataChecksum implementation (todd)
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