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v0.5.2-rc1 for Proxy on RN 0.63.x

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@Huxpro Huxpro released this 03 Aug 23:30

This release is a drop-in replacement for v0.5.0 and v0.5.1 in react-native 0.63.x with Proxy and Reflect enabled by default. It's the follow-up of v0.4.2-rc1 on opting-in Proxy support (#33).

To help with debugging crashes that observed on v0.4.2-rc1, we are now shipping unstripped Android libraries as well. You can now following the new instruction to better report such native crashes.

Please let us know your experiences! We need your help to move the Proxy into the stable channel!

EDIT: From the feedbacks at #33, 0.5.2-rc1 seem to be stable enough. Noted that (thanks for the discussion at #459) there isn't another stable release made for 0.5.x lines with Proxy enabled. We've enabled Proxy by default at 0.7.0 for RN 0.64 and people at RN 0.63 wanting Proxy can directly use hermes-engine@v0.5.2-rc1.