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-------------------------- Session Commands --------------------------
[m]achine connects to an HPHPi server
[t]hread switches between different threads
[q]uit quits debugger
------------------------ Program Flow Control ------------------------
[b]reak sets/clears/displays breakpoints
[e]xception catches/clears exceptions
[r]un starts over a program
<Ctrl-C> breaks program execution
[c]ontinue * continues program execution
[s]tep * steps into a function call or an expression
[n]ext * steps over a function call or a line
[o]ut * steps out a function call
[j]ump jumps to specified line of code for execution
-------------------------- Display Commands --------------------------
[p]rint prints a variable's value
[w]here displays stacktrace
[u]p goes up by frame(s)
[d]own goes down by frame(s)
[f]rame goes to a frame
[v]ariable lists all local variables
[g]lobal lists all global variables
[k]onstant lists all constants
------------------------ Evaluation Commands ------------------------
@ evaluates one line of PHP code
= prints right-hand-side's value, assigns to $_
${name}= assigns a value to left-hand-side
[<?]php starts input of a block of PHP code
?> ends and evaluates a block a PHP code
[a]bort aborts input of a block of PHP code
[z]end evaluates the last snippet in Zend PHP
------------------- Documentation and Source Code -------------------
[i]nfo displays documentations and other information
[l]ist * displays source codes
[h]elp displays this help
? displays this help
-------------------- Shell and Extended Commands --------------------
! {cmd} executes a shell command
& {cmd} records and replays macros
x {cmd} extended commands
y {cmd} user extended commands
* These commands are replayable by just hitting return.
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