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option(ENABLE_LATE_STATIC_BINDING "Enable Late Static Binding" ON)
option(INFINITE_LOOP_DETECTION "Enable Infinite Loop Detection" ON)
option(INFINITE_RECURSION_DETECTION "Enable Infinite Recursion Detection" ON)
option(REQUEST_TIMEOUT_DETECTION "Enable Timeout Detection" ON)
option(ALWAYS_ASSERT "Enabled asserts in a release build" OFF)
option(DEBUG_MEMORY_LEAK "Allow easier debugging of memory leaks" OFF)
option(DEBUG_APC_LEAK "Allow easier debugging of apc leaks" OFF)
option(HOTPROFILER "Enable support for the hot-profiler" OFF)
option(HOTPROFILER_NO_BUILTIN "Don't consider builtins for the hot-profiler" OFF)
option(EXECUTION_PROFILER "Enable the execution profiler" OFF)
option(ENABLE_FULL_SETLINE "Enable full setline function for debugger and code-coverage" OFF)
option(WANT_FB_LIBMCC "want FB Memcache" OFF)
option(USE_JEMALLOC "Use jemalloc" ON)
option(USE_TCMALLOC "Use tcmalloc (if jemalloc is not used)" ON)
option(USE_GOOGLE_HEAP_PROFILER "Use Google heap profiler" OFF)
option(USE_GOOGLE_CPU_PROFILER "Use Google cpu profiler" OFF)
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