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<h2>Compiled Program's Command Line Options</h2>
= --help
Displays the list of command line options with short descriptions.
= -m, --mode
Specifies one of these execution modes,
run: (default) directly executes the program from command line.
debug: starts debugger.
server: starts an HTTP server from command line.
daemon: starts an HTTP server and runs it as a daemon.
replay: replays a previously recorded HTTP request file.
translate: translates a hex-encoded stacktrace.
= -c, --config=FILE
This reads in a configuration file to set options. FILE should be in HDF
= -v, --config-value=STRING
This sets a configuration option on the command line. STRING should be
a line of HDF, e.g. Section.Name=Value. The options settable are the same
as those set by --config.
= -p, --port
Which port to start HTTP server on.
= --admin-port
Which port to start admin server that can take URL commands to perform
adminstration, status queries, stats queries or debugging commands.
= --debug-host
When running "debug" mode, specifies which HPHPi server to attach to.
= --debug-port
When running "debug" mode, specifies which HPHPi server port to connect.
= --debug-extension
When running "debug" mode, specifies which debugger extension PHP file to load.
= --debug-cmd
When running "debug" mode, specifies a command to execute at startup time.
Multiple --debug-cmd can be specified to execute more than one command.
= --debug-sandbox
When running "debug" mode, specifies which sandbox to attach to for remote
debugging. Default is "default".
= -f, --file
When mode is <b>run</b>, specifies which PHP to execute.
= --count
How many times to repeat execution of a PHP file.
= --no-safe-access-check
Whether to allow any file or directory access without security checking.
= --extra-header
Extra texts to add to front of each line of logging.
= --build-id
Specifies a version number or an arbitrary string that admin server's build-id
can return. Used for version tracking.
= --xhprof-level
Sets the XHProf run flags.
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