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<h2>yield and generator</h2>
This feature requires the [[index.php?file=options.compiler | compiler option]]
EnableHipHopSyntax=true, or interpreter option Eval.EnableHipHopSyntax=true.
HipHop extends PHP to include Python and C#-style generators. If you're
unfamiliar with the concept, see
[[ | the Python docs]].
As in Python, the <i>yield</i> keyword marks the enclosing function as a
function foo() {
$a = 123;
yield $a;
$a = 456;
yield $a;
foreach (foo() as $a) {
print "$a,";
The above program outputs "123,456,". To abort a generator sequence, use "yield
function bar() {
$a = 123;
// this will stop the "foreach" immediately without any value returned
if ($abort) yield break;
yield $a;
$a = 456;
yield $a;
Generators must observe the following restrictions:
- Generators are <b>not recursive</b>. In the above example, foo() cannot call
foo() while iterating.
- Generators are <b>called once</b>: foo() cannot be called again after it's
done iterating.
- Do not call the rewind() method of the objects (of class Iterator) returned by
iterator functions.
Also, yield in HipHop also supports passing a value from outside of the
function foo() {
$a = yield 5;
yield $a + 1;
From outside the generator, instead of resuming the generator with
Continuation::next(), one can call Continuation::send() to pass a value, which
will be assigned to $a, back into the generator.
Note that the yield expression in the above example is not really an expression;
it can only appear on its own on the RHS of an assignment statement. This is to
avoid the complicated evaluation order problem in bizarre expressions like
"($a = yield 5) * (yield $a + 3) - ($a = yield 4)".
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