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Fixed Issue Tracker Link

Summary: The current link will redirect here, but it would make more sense to just put the correct link in the first place.
Closes #3212
Created from: #3212

Reviewed By: @fredemmott

Differential Revision: D1441564
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1 parent 1368486 commit 15bf6080bc280b798e98161c189195e72aad9602 svcscm committed with facebook-github-bot Jul 17, 2014
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@@ -15,4 +15,4 @@ Please add appropriate test cases as you make changes; see [here](hphp/test/READ
## Quick Links
* IRC: [#hhvm]( and [#hhvm-dev]( on Freenode.
- * [Issue tracker](
+ * [Issue tracker](

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