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Handle interfaces consistently for IsTypeStruct and InstanceOf

Inconsistencies in how IsTypeStruct* and InstanceOf* handled
interfaces caused issues when IsTypeStruct* ops reduced to InstanceOf* ops.

Essentially the taken branch of InstanceOf IMyInterface would always propagate
IMyInterface as the type, while IsTypeStruct was always propagating the best
known type at the time.  These are likely going to be incompatible as
interfaces and objects that implement them are not required to be in the same
type hierarchy.

I attempted first to switch InstanceOf type propagation to use intersection_of,
but this causes other issues with interfaces.  intersection_of always returns
the non interface type.  This causes issues with something like this:
if ($t instanceOf IMyInterface)
If in an earlier analysis round we didn't have information about the type of $t
we would propagate IMyInterface, but in a later round we might learn that $t
is a MyClass object which might be incompatible.

This makes the handling of interfaces explicit, and consistend for the two.
It also fixes some mistakes in type refinements for IstTypeStruct.

Reviewed By: markw65

Differential Revision: D10557702

fbshipit-source-id: 9bc59639d258b207a2e813fb070004224a50b1c7
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mofarrell authored and hhvm-bot committed Oct 24, 2018
1 parent 3c2d1a6 commit 61affb20440285f29df98f2810ec3885f0013db8
Showing with 27 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +27 −7 hphp/hhbbc/interp.cpp
@@ -1206,9 +1206,9 @@ void isTypeHelper(ISS& env,

auto const negate = jmp.op == Op::JmpNZ;
auto const was_true = [&] (Type t) {
if (testTy.subtypeOf(BNull)) return intersection_of(t, TNull);
if (testTy.subtypeOf(BNull)) return TNull;
return intersection_of(t, testTy);
return testTy;
auto const was_false = [&] (Type t) {
auto tinit = remove_uninit(t);
@@ -1445,8 +1445,30 @@ void isTypeStructCJmpImpl(ISS& env,
const JmpOp& jmp) {
auto bail = [&] { impl(env, inst, jmp); };
auto const a = tv(topC(env));
if (!a || isValidTSType(*a, false)) return bail();
if (!a || !isValidTSType(*a, false)) return bail();
auto ts_type = type_of_type_structure(a->m_data.parr);

auto const ts_kind = get_ts_kind(a->m_data.parr);
// type_of_type_structure does not resolve these types. It is important we
// do resolve them here, or we may have issues when we reduce the checks to
// InstanceOfD checks. If we bail the taken branch will be assigned the
// current best known type, but if the typestructure is checking an
// interface, InstanceOfD will use the interface type for the taken branch.
// Since there is not necessarily a relationship between the interface and
// the current best known type, we may worsen types, and break index
// invariants.
if (ts_kind == TypeStructure::Kind::T_class ||
ts_kind == TypeStructure::Kind::T_interface ||
ts_kind == TypeStructure::Kind::T_xhp ||
ts_kind == TypeStructure::Kind::T_unresolved) {
auto const rcls = env.index.resolve_class(env.ctx,
if (!rcls || !rcls->resolved() || rcls->cls()->attrs & AttrEnum) {
return bail();
ts_type = subObj(*rcls);

if (!ts_type) return bail();

auto const locId = topStkEquiv(env, 1);
@@ -1473,11 +1495,9 @@ void isTypeStructCJmpImpl(ISS& env,
return t;
if (t.couldBe(BUninit) && ts_type->couldBe(BNull)) {
return union_of(intersection_of(std::move(t),
return union_of(ts_type.value(), TUninit);
return intersection_of(std::move(t), std::move(ts_type.value()));
return ts_type.value();
auto const pre = [&] (Type t) { return result(std::move(t), negate); };
auto const post = [&] (Type t) { return result(std::move(t), !negate); };

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