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Commits on May 16, 2011
  1. @paroski @scottmac

    Deprecate call_user_func_async() and call_user_func_array_async()

    paroski authored scottmac committed
    This diff adds logic to raise a warning whenever call_user_func_async() or
    call_user_func_array_async() is invoked. The warning indicates that these
    functions are deprecated, and suggests that fb_call_user_func_async() or
    fb_call_user_func_array_async() should be used instead.
    Test Plan:
    Write a small PHP program and verify the warning is raised.
    Reviewed By: myang
    Reviewers: myang, qigao, mwilliams, je, kma
    CC: ps, mwilliams, jsobel, andrewparoski, myang
    Differential Revision: 251155
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