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Unknown Base Class results in uncompilable C++ due to (incorrect) undeclared variable #361

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A private static variable in a class which extends an unknown base class produces C++ that does not compile.

To reproduce, attempt to compile this class with hphp:


class Butter extends AClassThatDoesNotExist {

  private static $isChurning = false;

  private static function startChurning() {
    self::$isChurning = true;

CodeError.js contains:


which is correct about the UnknownBaseClass but incorrect about the UseUndeclaredVariable.

hphp fails with the following error:

/tmp/hphp_7kn0mT/php/home/david/peanut/Butter.cpp: In static member function \xe2\x80\x98static void HPHP::c_Butter::t_startchurning()\xe2\x80\x99:\n/tmp/hphp_7kn0mT/php/home/david/peanut/Butter.cpp:157: error: lvalue required as left operand of assignment\nmake[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/hpeanut.dir/php/home/david/peanut/Butter.cpp.o] Error 1\nmake[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/hpeanut.dir/all] Error 2\nmake: *** [all] Error 2\n

And indeed, the definition of startChurning() in Butter.cpp looks like this:

/* SRC: /home/david/peanut/Butter.php line 7 */
void c_Butter::t_startchurning() {
  STATIC_METHOD_INJECTION_NOMEM(Butter, Butter::startChurning);
  INTERCEPT_INJECTION("Butter::startChurning", null_array, r);
  false = true;

Note the "false" instead of something such as " g->s_Butter___isChurning" in the last line of that method.

If the $isChurning static variable is made public or protected instead of private, then CodeErrors.js still contains both errors (the correct UnknownBaseClass error and the incorrect UseUndeclaredVariable error) but the generated C++ compiles correctly. The generated startChurning() method looks like:

/* SRC: /home/david/peanut/Butter.php line 7 */
void c_Butter::t_startchurning() {
  STATIC_METHOD_INJECTION(Butter, Butter::startChurning);
  INTERCEPT_INJECTION("Butter::startChurning", null_array, r);
  c_Butter::os_lval(NAMSTR(s_sscce4235e, "isChurning")) = true;

We're closing out all bugs older than 2 months.

If this is still an issue, please re-open it, and in order of goodness:

  1. Give detailed repro steps
  2. Write a test case in hphp/tests/quick (run it with hphp/tests/run) and send the pull request
  3. Fix it in a pull request
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