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Error when using takeover #482

dpaneda opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hi there,

I'm trying to use takeover and Im getting an error. I add the TakeoverFilename to de hdf config file, with the full path and the socket file is correctly created when starting the server.

The problem is the takeover itself is not working properly, because when I start another server and it try to take ownership of the socket, some errors are being logger and socket are not being transfered properly. This leads to the socket being closed and request not being serve for a lapse of about a second or so.

On the running server, I'm getting this logs, which shows that the request are correctly received but something is broken after that and the response to this request cannot be sent.

takeover: received request
takeover: request is a listen socket request
AFDT ERROR: phase=AFDT_HANDLE_REQUEST operation=AFDT_SENDMSG message="" errno="Bad file descriptor"

This are the logs of the new instance of the server:

takeover: beginning listen socket acquisition
AFDT ERROR: phase=AFDT_NO_PHASE operation=AFDT_RECVMSG message="got empty message or EOF" errno="Success"
shutting down old HPHP server by /stop command
takeover: bound directly to port 8080
takeover: fd server set up successfully

Any ideas on this? Any help will be greatly appreciated


This was caused because I'm using libevent2 with a custom path, sorry guys.

Closing issue... I will update my pull request of the new libevent with the fix.

@dpaneda dpaneda closed this
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