While compiling a test.php file , hphp giving error #569

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Hello guys ,
I am getting

     hphp: /home/sagar/hip-hop/dev/hiphop-php/src/compiler/analysis/emitter.cpp:1415: void HPHP::Compiler::EmitterVisitor::visit(HPHP::FileScopePtr): Assertion `ar' failed.

this error while running

$HPHP_HOME/src/hphp/hphp test.php this command ,
i tried hphp/hphp test.php also in src dir,

please reply me if you have solution on it .



sgolemon commented Aug 30, 2012

Is it possible you only did an incremental build? I know there's been a recent patch touching that bit recently and you might need to do a full rebuild.

make clean
rm CMakeCache.txt
cmake .

I'm also having the same issue. It's happening to me when I try and compile my project from a file list.... I get several 'unable to stat file' messages (which don't seem to stop the compiler) then after the 'creating binary HHBC files... I get the

hphp: /root/hiphop-dev/hiphop-php/src/compiler/analysis/emitter.cpp:1577: void HPHP::Compiler::EmitterVisitor::visit(HPHP::FileScopePtr): Assertion `ar' failed.

error. Then is says Core dumped: Aborted

Any ideas ?

BTW, I just downloaded the latest hiphop source code


ptarjan commented May 13, 2013

We're closing out all bugs older than 2 months. http://www.hiphop-php.com/wp/?p=575

If this is still an issue, please re-open it, and in order of goodness:

  1. Give detailed repro steps
  2. Write a test case in hphp/tests/quick (run it with hphp/tests/run) and send the pull request
  3. Fix it in a pull request

@ptarjan ptarjan closed this May 13, 2013

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