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Typehint callable not supported #582

lstrojny opened this Issue · 4 comments

5 participants

Lars Strojny Drew Paroski Paul Tarjan Evert Pot Sean Cannella
Lars Strojny

PHP 5.4 introduces the callable typehint to allow closures, string $function and array($obj, 'method'). See for details. HipHop analyzes callable as UnknownClass.

Drew Paroski

HipHop does not currently support all PHP 5.4 features. We plan to add support for the "callable" typehint some time in the coming months.

Paul Tarjan

It's there now: cc37fe6

Paul Tarjan ptarjan closed this
Evert Pot

This is still failing for me:


function callMe(callable $b) {



callMe(function() {

    echo "hello\n";



HipHop Fatal error: Argument 1 passed to callMe() must be an instance of callable, Closure$callMe$47daeefeedcd4b135f362b25e98454cc$ given in /Users/evert/code/sabre/event/tests/foo3.php on line 7


$ hhvm --version
HipHop VM v2.3.0-dev (rel)
Compiler: heads/master-0-gf6413a9d4ca5a0646290bf180702e967ff1daf61
Repo schema: 536d56f98b940f0920eafa10249dca34d2e855de
Sean Cannella

@paroski, this seems to work only when EnableHipHopSyntax=1. Any idea why?

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