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What's your schedule of upgrade HHVM to the PHP 5.4 engine? Current 5.3 engine could not process the $this inside the closure anonoymous function.


huh there is no NameSpaces currently;)


Support for $this inside of closures has mostly been committed (though there may still be a few diffs in flight). We're planning to implement namespaces in the next few months as it is a common issue that folks are running into.


paroski, thanks for your update! Currently, i am using use ($this) to workaround it, just fine.


$this with closures should be all fixed by now, if not you should poke @ptarjan.

Coincidentally, he's also working on namespaces support and is coming fairly close. I expect we'll see support improve over the course of several commits this month.

As to a schedule of matching 5.4. We're not really focusing on version so much as catching up to HEAD (which is a moving target) and that's happening by feature/extension, rather than by version. "When" is based on impact, priority, and availability of resources.

Personally, I'd like to see us even with 5.5(ish) by year's end.

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